29 Ways to Stay Creative – [Infographic]

A Source of Inspiration

The 29 Ways to Stay Creative infographic has been an inspiration for all the creative people and the ones that aren’t so creative too. In fact, everyone needs some motivation, from time to time, to continue the creative process or just to take a little break.

One of My Three Words

This came to my attention again because it has one of the three words I chose to work this year: practice. You can choose the same as me or choose another one, it’s up to you, but the most important of all is to have fun with this exercise, and I believe that soon you will find your lost “creativity”, or motivation and return to your work.

Some Favorites

If you are not feeling good still, here are some suggestions:

  • Collaborate
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes
  • Break the rules

29 Ways to Stay Creative | www.khronosdesign.com

 Source: Islam Abudaoud – (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

 This infographic was posted on December 31st , 2013 in our blog, and until now it was pinned 3.32k on Pinterest.

Don’t you think you could apply something that you learned with this graphic in your business?

Balancing Your Professional & Personal Life

Balancing Your Professional & Personal Life | www.khronosdesign.com

Which one is the most important to you, your personal life or your professional life?

I’m a strong believer that for our success, both sides of our life need to happen together, and none of them should be left out in detriment of the other. I also believe we can apply what we have learned from one to the other.

Is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?

Sometimes we complain we don’t have time to do everything we are supposed to do because of our commitments in life or business but we should apply here the same concept of the glass ½ full or ½ empty. In other words, let’s always extract “the good” of any situation and think about how we can use what we have to our benefit.

Always, try to balance your personal and professional life.

These weeks have been busy yet very special here because of the end of one year, and the beginning of other , but we still have some tips to make the most of any situation.

  1. Pamper and take care of yourself
  2. Only schedule the tasks that are important and need to be done
  3. If necessary, cut the time you spend on social media
  4. Spend a little time brainstorming your achievements in your personal life
  5. Write them down in a piece of paper for consulting every time you feel discouraged
  6. Prepare yourself in grand style for the upcoming events
  7. Review your business cards, and don’t forget to always have them with you
  8. At events, try to talk with the majority of your friends you can
  9. Make connections and introduce your friends to other people you know
  10. Contact the people you have met to set up a get-together, thank them or to just say hello
  11. Review what you’ve done and make sure you’ve completed everything you set out to do
  12. Reward yourself for your first step on the road to success!
  13. Re-energize and rest to be ready for the year

Don’t forget that each event in your personal life can open doors for your future success.

This article was extracted of the 52-Week Challenge: The Step-by-Step Guide to Reinvent Your Business. Connect with us on social media for more tips!

Is Having a Website for Your Business Worth the Money?

Is Having a Website for Your Business Worth the Money? | www.khronosdesign.com

Credibility Plus Visibility Equals Profitability

Have you heard about the formula C + V = P, or in other words, Credibility ( C ) plus Visibility (V) equals Profitability (P)? We are able to apply this formula to the web world.

The Baby Boomers and the Internet

Let’s look back to history for some information about notable generations. If you are a Baby Boomer (1946 – 1964) chances are that you are not a computer savvy, but the Generation X (1965 – 1981) already experienced the introduction of home computers here in United States. The last generation, Generation Y (1982 – 1995), known as Children of Baby Boomers, are extremely computer savvy. Today you will find some individuals of this generation on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

This means that if your business doesn’t have a website, you are loosing this big fraction of the market.

Your Business Website

The first place in which your prospective clients will search for information is the Internet. The Internet helps to give Credibility ( C ) to your business:

  • It is through your business’ website that you will be known in marketing.
  • It is not a static brochure, but dynamic with updated information about you, your team, your services, and the company.
  • A site is where people will extract everything they need to know to make a decision for contracting your services.
  • Your business website is a vehicle that increases Visibility (V).
  • It is a permanent marketing tool which allows your business to be visible 24/7.
  • It is a place where your company can interact with your clients, exchange ideas, find out their needs and wishes, and also serves as a place which you can use to educate them.

Having a website for your business is worth the money.

You can present your business in a “clear” and “concise” way, and an online presence shows that you have eyes in the future. Your clients don’t need to drive and park the car to know more about you and your business.

To ensure maximum success, combining Credibility with the aspect of Visibility is an essential component in the steps taken toward Profitability.

KD Owner Interviewed by Carele Belanger

Khronos Design - The Interview | www.khronosdesign.com

Photo by Bertrand Paris (CC BY-SA 3.0)

This interview was first published, in Carele Belanger‘s website,  on June 20, 2013, and it is reproduced here with her authorization.


The Interview


Carèle: Is your company present on some Social Networks?

Meire: Yes


Carèle: On which ones?

Meire: You can find Khronos Design on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

On LinkedIn, at the moment, I prefer to participate in a more personal manner, and this is happening on Google+ too.


Carèle: What do you like the most about Social  Media?

Meire: What I like the most on social media is the dynamism provided by the development of the technology, the constant learning process involved and the possibility of finding like-minded people, colleagues, partners, and, of course, potential customers.


Carèle: What is your favorite Social Network?

Meire: That’s a difficult question to answer. I would say I like all of them for their specific reasons, even the ones that myself or Khronos Design still don’t have a presence on.


Carèle: Why?

Meire: For example, I like Facebook because of its popularity and engagement, but I just love to get lost in the images and graphics of Pinterest. When it comes to LinkedIn, I admire the professionalism of people participating and also the myriad of information you find in the groups. I think the “fast-track” that Twitter offers is fabulous, and Google+ is great for search rankings and will take over the world sometime soon for sure.


Carèle: What is your vision about your social network presence in 5 years from now?

Meire: I don’t have a clear vision about my social network presence in 5 years.


Carèle: Why?

Meire: I believe that for everything there is a season, and I think that the challenge of each business owner is to identify exactly where it’s important to have a presence, and how this presence should help in the development of their business in that moment will depend on their priorities and where their clients are.


Carèle: What is the word success means to you?

Meire: My motto is: you have success when you continually achieve your own predetermined goals, stabilized by balance and purified by your belief.


Carèle: What is the name of your business?

Meire: My business’ name is Khronos Design.


Carèle: Can you describe in which industry your business is with the services and products your offer?

Meire: Khronos Design is a web design and web development studio based in Southern California. We work with startups, non-profit organizations, and small to medium-sized businesses. Our services include custom website design, website development, WordPress – Blog Design, and graphic design for social media pages: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Carèle: Why did you decide to start this kind of business?

Meire: As a civil engineer, I worked with computers all my professional life and discovered a passion for technology. To follow the innovations in web design and e-learning was just a natural path and a pleasant hobby since the beginning of the Internet. For me, I have always been curious and inspired for what is yet to come in terms of development in this field for my lifelong experience. I always ended up involved in the design of company and school websites when I worked in the corporate and education world, but never could really choose between design or development. When it came the time to have more flexibility in my personal life, I founded the studio to help my clients define and enhance their presence online.


Thank you very much Meire Weishaupt!


You can also follow Meire Weishaupt:

Website: www.khronosdesign.com

Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/KhronosDesignStudio

Twitter: www.twitter.com/khronosdesign

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